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Lappitrek's Values


A Christian company:

Our trekking agency is founded and run on a Christian vision and values. This specific identity  is very important to us. Our backpacking guides are Christian believers and they do their best to practice what they believe. They also serve our customers in a way that reflects the best what the Bible teaches.


Our values for which we care for while going on our adventures are:

- The joy of meeting new people whatever they believe, come from, belong to, and are able to do

- A respectful behavior towards the opposite sex and the individual with a different sexual orientation

- Modesty in clothing, communicating, and expressing feelings

- A spirit of helpfulness towards the individual in the group who might go through a tough time (walking slowly, having some pain, feeling discouraged...)

- A true appreciation of the simple things in life

- Taking some time to enjoy every aspect of the adventure and giving that time to others as well.

- Openness and respect to the culture, traditions, and rules of the country hosting our activities

- A deep appreciation of what is truly beautiful and giving some space and time to be filled with wonder

- A pro-active respect of nature


Practicing a responsible tourism:

Earth & Sky Adventures is genuinely focused on the principles of  sustainable nature tourism. Here are several practical implications:

-  As much as we can we keep a close partnership with the local workforce (the national forestry office, national parks offices, owners of hotels and restaurants, backpacking equipment stores, rental shops...)

- We commit to strictly follow the rules and advices from the State Forestry Administration and the National Parks offices.

- We do everything possible to generate less of waste while backpacking. We carry out our own waste and preserve the different places we visit.

- We stay on the marked or used trails.

- We do not use products with chemicals or substances which would have an impact on environment (shampoo, soaps, dish soap...)

- We deeply value the high quality of the natural water and act accordingly.

- We believe in the importance of not using a big quantity of toilet paper.

- Observing is better than acting out. This is our motto related to fauna and flora.

- We have made the choice of not using motorized means to carry rucksacks and material during our backpacking adventures. It is an efficient way to reduce the CO2 emissions and preserve the beautiful quietness of the environment.

- Whenever possible we bring our little extra-help to keep the trails and structures clean, effective and welcoming.


Programs Focused on Life:

We organize some trekking adventures in which the participant is invited to join some programs of Christian spirituality and Bible based. All our programs are well prepared. Our goal is to give to the participant the potential for a life changing experience.


Our participants are free to get interested or not with our programs, to agree or disagree with what we directly or  not directly promote, to attend or not our specific programs. Our ambition is to lead each individual into an amazing wilderness adventure linked to a special journey of exploring some very interesting spiritual matters. Our programs are prepared and adapted to any public. They are not reserved to only believers. We respect every people's beliefs. In return we expect that same respect from the participants towards who we are and what we do. 

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