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Winter Bivouac

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WHEN: From November to April

WHERE: in the forest or in the fells 

DURATION: 2 days

MEETING POINT: In Kittilä or Levi

DISTANCE: from 1 to 4 km one way

ENVIRONMENT: in the wilderness, quite away from town's facilities, forest or fells environment, exposed to winds, deep snow and ice, moderate elevation gain, usually no eco-toilets and other shelter nearby

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must have a dynamic mindset and handles the cold well. Not suitable to children.

487 euros/individual 
429 euros/individual if 2+ booking
399 euros/individual if 3+ booking 

Price including: the private mode of the trip (= not mixed with other people or groups), local transportation, the gear for wilderness camping (tent, Winter sleeping bag, sleeping pad, reindeer furs, stove, sustainable Kupilka dishware, backpacks...), firewood, hot drinks and snacks, meals, guiding work, pictures, permits and taxes
Price not including: your round trip home-Lapland, your lodging before and after the program, your insurances, your souvenirs, your clothing adjusted to the season (it is possible to rent clothes though; contact us)
Payment: bank transfer 30 days before the beginning of the trip
Number of participants: Maximum 4
Discount: for children up to 18 years old, single parents, students, individuals in ministry or clergy. Contact us.
Free of charge: all additional programs related to the specificity of our agency. On request. Contact us.

THE EXPERIENCE TO LIVE: The ultimate of the adventure spirit in the Far North in Winter is wilderness camping. This program takes you deep into the fascinating silent white world of Lapland. We start with a short snowshoeing or backcountry skiing trip while we pull Arctic sleds loaded with all the gear we need. On site we are all together set on an active mode as it is the best way to stay warm and happy. This is also a wonderful opportunity to develop some skills such as preparing the ground to put up the tent, chopping wood and light up a fire in the stove, cook, and make our place as cozy as possible. Besides these tasks we cannot miss that privilege to be in nature. We take some time to explore the forest or the fells around, observe the wildlife, and hopefully watch the Northern lights illuminating the polar night. For 74 euros extra we can take with us the sauna tent and have an unforgettable session in the wilderness.
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