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Our Motivation

LAPPITREK is a unique Christian tour operator in Levi-Kittilä area, in Finland, and in the whole Scandinavia whose trips are made for both believers and unbelievers. 


Our motivation is double. It is to give to our participants the opportunity of experiencing the greatness of an authentic outdoor adventure in the wild Far North, and, only for those interested, also a personal time with God and His message of hope. There under the Northern lights or the midnight sun, in middle of the taiga forest or in the open spaces we believe from experience that a unique encounter between anyone and God can happen. Moreover we have the ambition to reflect the Christian values in business and treat our participants as people and not as just customers. Thus we count on our reasonable prices, the spirit of adventure, the beautiful untouched nature, friendship, respect, simplicity of life, and much more to turn all our trips into a special memory for everyoneWelcome!

Trekking Norway

Our Story

Erwan Le Floch

August 2002. It's almost midnight in a starry night, in the heart of a deep forest in Sweden. I'm sitting in an open shelter. A friend of mine is sitting on the roof. We're resting. Day one of our backpacking adventure is over. I am a believer. He is an atheist. Suddenly quietness is interrupted and God becomes the main topic of our conversation. This is how everything has started. From that day I believe that the incredible beauty and atmosphere of the wilderness can become that open space where the deepest and the most lively reflections, conversations, impressions and decisions pop up. Willing to experience it too!? 

How It Works

Two Options

Option 1. You may not be interested with anything spiritual or religious. Don't worry. It is not an issue for us at all. We will gladly serve you and lead you into a great adventure no matter what you choose. 

1- Click on the "Book Now" button of any program of your choice.

2- You're directed to our online pre-booking form. Fill the form.

3- Submit the form. That's it!

Option 2. You are a believer or not and you are interested to have that wilderness adventure and Christian program together. Great!

1- Click on the "Book Now" button of any program of your choice.

2- You're directed to our online pre-booking form. Fill the form and type "Associate it with a Christian program" in the "Notes & Questions" box.

3- Submit the form. That's it!

What You Find in Our Christian Adventures

First of all you find what all our participants get in all our programs: a true outdoor adventure taking place in the beautiful Scandinavia! And then if you're interested with getting a spiritual experience while backpacking or hiking or watching the Northern lights we run an aside program which is totally free of charge.


That program includes group and suggested personal times of Christian spirituality (Bible reading, prayer, fellowship...). We love having those moments in places that are truly inspiring such as in log cabins, on the top of a mountain, by a creek, in a Lapp hut. Also it happens that we have them in special occasions such as at sunrise or sunset, in the night during a Northern lights show. Our goal is to build an atmosphere in which the participant could personally experience the presence and love of God.  We are also available after the trip to follow up with the participant who would like to understand the Bible better and commit his life to Jesus.

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